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Minneapolis, MN

Lake Minnetonka Fishing Guides by Kurt Erickson Guide Service Makes it Happen on Lake Minnetonka 

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Summer Fishing Guides

Lake Minnetonka is a trophy lake offering multi species of game fish including Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Muskie, Sunfish and Crappies.

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Winter Fishing Guides

When you're looking for some mid-day Minnesota Ice Fishing action during the dead of winter give us a call.

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Corporate Events Fishing Guides

Whether it's 100 people or 2 people Erickson Guide Service can make it happen on Lake Minnetonka for your corporate fishing event. 

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Fishing Guides on Lake Minnetonka and Ice Fishing Too at Minneapolis, MN. Whether you're looking for mid-day Minnesota Ice Fishing action during the dead of winter, or a relaxing early-morning fishing journey to a remote bay in summer- there's always enough fishing excitement to fill your catch with an explosion of angling surprises along with many cherished memories. Lake Minnetonka is located 20 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, MN. Lake Minnetonka is a trophy lake offering multi species of game fish including Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Muskie, Sunfish and Crappies. The lake offers a rich variety of structure, vegetation and water clarity in it's nearly 15,000 acres and 100+ miles of shoreline. Join us here and allow us the opportunity to fill your limit of fishing fun, Fishing Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota with Erickson Guide Service it is the only way to go. We will pick you up at Lord Fletcher's Restaurant  Directions & MAP

Your guide boat is a 21 foot Lund Pro V with Kurt Erickson at the wheel as your guide. The Lund Fishing boat is safe, wide and comfortable. You are  fully insured for charter fishing and the boat is equipped with all USCG approved safety equipment and a cellular phone. We provide top quality rod & reels, lures and live bait to meet any presentation need whether trolling, jigging, or casting. If you have your own equipment and would prefer to use it you certainly may.

Also featured is an underwater camera to view fish up close and personal and see the lake you only thought you knew!

Fishing season is just around the bend 

Passage way to Lake Minnetonka. If you're searching Minnesota for great, early Spring fishing excitement this side of Canada, you've found it. And it'll be happening all around you... that  is if you are willing to brave a little chill. Spring ice out is one of the most tranquil times and most productive fishing throughout the entire fishing season. Why, you ask? 

To begin with, there are no crowds and there's certainly no bugs. Besides the ice fishing season, fishing Lake Minnetonka in the Spring is quiet and peaceful. New growth surrounds you. Trees are budding, forest plants are sprouting and critters and waterfowl are easily and often identified. Spring is a time of rebirth, a renewed spirit and a great time to be in the out of doors watching it all unfold Early Spring Lake Minnetonka Fishing What's there to fish for? Primarily crappies and pan fish. Spring is an ideal time to practice your casting and fishing maneuvers fishing for bluegill.

It'll be the big ones you catch. Water temps are chilly, lake vegetation is only beginning to emerge and water levels are high. You're going to have to fish them deep- that is until water temps start reaching 60 degrees. 

Ice fishing tactics work best. However, after a good heavy, wet Spring rain you can be assured worms, grubs and night crawlers are appealing appetizers for bonus-sized bluegills and black crappies. 

If you can get away early spring, by all means try it... you'll be hooked lined and sinkered for good.

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